“Funny Animals” – Kids Coloring Book

  • Easy and funny coloring book for children.
  • 31 Animal illustrations + 1 extra maze.
  • Hand drawn by Italian artist Japo.
  • Original and creative drawings to free imagination.
  • Activity book for the entertaiment of little kids.
  • Easy drawings lines to follow.
  • Big size book (8,5″ x 11″).
  • Funny dark back pages to prevent color from passing through.
  • Back pages drawn as a flip book to scroll and animate.
  • Learn to color enjoyng drawing.

In this coloring book for young children, you will find 31 unique and beautiful hand drawn illustrations of funny animals, like rabbit, dog, cat, owl, dinosaur, hippopotamus, fish, bear, bird, monkey, butterfly, seagul, elephant… and many others.

Represented in original sketches, with sun and moon, with homes and sea, with trees, clouds and nature…

Each image has been created for kids, in order to entertain them and developing their skills and creativity. Each page has a drawn dark back to prevent the passage of colors and… little surprise: scroll the back pages of the book to see the figures move!

The last illustration of the book is an extra image, a maze to be colored and solved, coming from the book “Funny Activity Book” of the same author.

The beauty of coloring books

Coloring books is a very important activity for the correct and creative growth of children. In addition to developing certain areas of the brain, it helps improve motor skills and concentration. Teaches to distinguish lines and colors and to recognize characters and situations.

It helps to free the imagination and develop children's creativity. It's an activity that mothers and fathers can do together with their children and then let them continue on their own: a pastime for the whole family!

Bitty Woody the flying hippo – Kids Fairy Tale

  • Illustrated book for children.
  • Kids fairy tale.
  • Recommended age 02/07 years.
  • Hand drawn by the Italian artist Japo.
  • Story on the topic of child acceptance.
  • High quality illustrations.
  • Popup texts.

Between all the animals, Bitty Woody was a very special hippo: he didn't like being in the water too much, he wanted to fly.

One day a magical encounter with Spider Wizard changed his life by making his dream come true.

An adventure in flight on earth that will bring Bitty Woody to face a courageous choice: helping others for understand the importance of accepting himself.

story to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. An adventure to read and leaf through, with original and handmade drawings. A kids illustrated book to dream, to pass the time, to grow and reflect on the importance of oneself and respect for others. A gift idea or a goodnight fable to add to your collection. A simple and profound story at the same time, fun and stimulating.

Digital Ebook Version

WARNING: This digital version of the book does not contain the extra pages of games and activities for coloring together with Bitty Woody the hippoptamus, included only in the paper edition.